Giveaway: Losing Ground

I’ll set up the giveaway for Losing Ground right after the one for Errant Prince ends, I said. I may (or may not) be a dirty liar. ::cough:: In any case, The Errant Prince has been out a few days…
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2014 in Review

So, 2014 is almost at a close. It was a busy year, though I swear it didn’t seem like it while it was occurring. Writing wise, here’s what I managed to accomplish. ^^ First up, at the very beginning of…
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My Life in Edits

First up, before I completely forget for the 1539208th time, LT3 is throwing a Holiday shebang, wherein you can buy books for 25% off (36% off preorders) and also enter to win Kindles and LT3 cash money (or well, LT3…
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Giveaway! The Heart of the Kingdom

Holy crap how is it nearly October already? I don’t know, but October means Halloween, Megan’s birthday and shenanigans, and The Heart of the Kingdom comes out as an ebook/paperback release! The Heart of the Kingdom is a novel based…
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Misc News


Living Words and Saving Liam The second editions of Living Words and Saving Liam are out! These aren’t much different from the originals, I mostly cleaned up language and fixed some minor inconsistencies. The biggest changes are (1) the shiny,…
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