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Odds and Ends

First up, sale! LT3 is having a 20% off sale now through end of day Feb 15, so if you’ve been waiting for any reason to pick up any of my books, now is an excellent time to grab them….
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It is available for preorder! About two weeks until it drops, so you’ve got that long to snag it for 15% off. ^__^ I’m quite fond of it and it’s lovely ridiculousness. It focuses on Laurence Wickes, a newly turned…
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Catch up post!


Okay, so this is going to be a huge ass long ass post, so you are forewarned. First up! M and I sort of kind of collab’ed a few months back to write a matched set of stories featuring a…
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New holiday look on LT3

If you haven’t been on the LT3 site since Friday, you should definitely go check out the shiny new Halloween theme we’re rocking! Megan made the new banner, and it’s an awesome yellow / orange / spooky theme. I really…
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The Trouble with Magic is out!


The Trouble with Magic is now out! Congrats to lucky #42 Kathleen (the first Kathleen ^__~ and I swear that number was completely random), winner of the free copy. If you would like to buy a copy, you can do…
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