Looking Ahead to 2015

I’m sure ya’ll have seen about a million of “what’s coming in 2015” posts, but here’s another from me. ^^ Sorry?

The biggest change in 2015 is that I will no longer be writing for LT3’s serials. That line is closing down (if you missed the post last week, you can read about it at LT3’s blog), which is going to free me up to work on other projects. The good thing about serials is that it forced me to write and write regularly. One huge drawback about them was that it was nigh impossible to write follow up stories. Serials should be accessible to new and existing subscribers, and writing, say, the sequel to Stolen Hearts for a serial wouldn’t work for that (and other reasons).

My aim for 2015 is for it to be the Year of the Sequel. :3 Which, hopefully means that yes, I will finally get that sequel to Stolen Hearts written. My immediate goals for 2015 are:

Write Book 2 of the Stolen Hearts series (tentatively titled Captive Hearts)
Finish/edit Book 2 of the Kingdom Curses series (The Northern Wall)
Write a short story for the Silver & Gold anthology (*)

(*) Mayyybe. This one is starting to morph into something longer. >_> Because short stories are nigh on impossible.

Tentative goals for later in 2015 are books 3 and 4 (and uh, possibly 5?) of the Kingdom Curses series. I’m trying not to plan myself into a corner, as I am all too aware of how easy it is to be distracted.

2015 will already see two novellas and one anthology release for me. ^^ Ya’ll have heard me talk about The Errant Prince already. The other novella is Losing Ground, which is an earth elemental magics story that’s my final stand-alone serial. It wraps and releases as ebook in March, and was just listed on LT3 (so you can preorder, if you’re inclined!) It’s urban fantasy, which is probably the closest I’ve gotten to contemporary in forever. ^^

The anthology stories are the two fairy tales I wrote for LT3’s Fairy Tale serial. The Dragon of Bellerose Island and The Cursebreaker are their titles, and they’ll be released in Fairytales Slashed: Volume Six in May when LT3’s serials wrap. (They’re both cute. Super super cute, I can’t even.)

I’ll try to update throughout the year with my progress on various things, and if there’s ever anything you want to see or are curious about the status of (or if I plan to write at all), let me know? ^^

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