New Release, Enchanted Soles, and Other Stuffs

First up, much, much belatedly (seriously, I meant to write this several weeks ago), How Not to Summon Your True Love is coming out next week! It’s my ridiculous asexual urban fantasy road trip story, and I luffs it (and the cover). The idea jumped at me from a tumblr post regarding demon summonings (or other summoning ;3) and how it would be hilarious if someone were summoned at an awkward time (rather than, y’know, all demony and uh, dressed). So poor Dig got summoned from the shower. (Hence the cover. Also isn’t he pretty??? :D)

Anyway, if you’d like to pick it up, you can preorder now, or wait until next week to pick it up at Amazon or B&N.

hownottosummonyourtruelove400 How Not to Summon Your True Love

Though it doesn’t really come as a surprise, Cy is still crushed when he’s dumped. His relationship with Alex had lasted longer than all previous attempts, and started promising when Alex had proclaimed he was perfectly okay with Cy being asexual.

On impulse, convinced no one will ever really see him as worthy relationship material, Cy turns to a book that belonged to his late mother, a grimoire of magic spells that obviously won’t work. It’s a stupid idea, and even if magic was real there’s no way a true love summoning spell would work for him…


Second, Enchanted Soles! :D I’m so excited for this anthology to release, I can’t wait. It’s slated for July 6, and has five amazing stories featuring awesome bisexual characters by authors Katey Hawthorne, A.M. Valenza, Corinna Finley, Archer Kay Leah, and A.D. Truax. I’d tell you my favorite, but I don’t have a favorite, they’re all amazing. :D

Here’s the super awesome cover, by the super fantastic Aisha Akeju:



In other news, I’m working slowly on a story for the GRNW charity anthology (I picked the mage/cyborg theme, shocking I know :3 :3). I am unsure if it will make it, both because the deadline is the end of the month and because I suck at keeping to word count. We’ll see; if not, it’ll go to LT3, likely.

Most of ya’ll have probably seen it on Twitter, but Megan and I made the marriage thing official this past week, which was cool. We’re in NC, part of the south, and you only ever hear negative stories about LGBTQ marriage, so I want to go on record as saying everyone was super nice and so excited for us, from the clerks at the deeds office to the magistrate who did the wedding ceremony for us. It was awesome. My Drugstore coworkers about all died of excitement, too. :D

Speaking of Drugstore, that is going swimmingly, and I’m still having a ton of fun working there, which is really cool. I do wish I had a few more hours in a day, but I’m managing, and it’s nice to be busy. I like being busy. :3

Oh, and randomly! If you like dead tree formats, LT3 is holding a paperback clear out sale. Some of my books are included, but there’s a ton of other books on sale too, 50% off. Go check it out (and buy them all, I want more office space ;3).

Signing off before I ramble further. Hope ya’ll have a good weekend, and next few months, b/c I’m sure that’s how long it’ll be before my next blog post. ^__~

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  1. Kas

    I’ve been looking forward to How Not To Summon Your True Love since I first saw you mention it on twitter! (A title like that for an ace romance is just irresistible.) Excited for Enchanted Soles, too.

    Congratulations on the marriage!! As another southerner, I am so, so glad to hear how great everyone’s been to you both.

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