New Year and New Stories

Happy 2017, ya’ll. (A little late, but that is me in perpetuity.) So this year, my goal is the ever-nebulous ‘kindness’. Mostly, I’m aiming to be kinder to myself, and not beat myself up or drive myself down the highway of stress until I crash. No crashing. Also, I like to think that I’m pretty good at giving people the benefit of the doubt and keeping an open mind, but I’m still going to monitor that and make sure I’m not backsliding into judgey-mc-judgerson mode.

Concretely, I’m hoping to finish up a couple of stories. First on my slate is finishing my F/F sleeping beauty rewrite. I’m like 3/4ths done, I think, unless it throws me any more loops (always possible!). Then… IDK, I will figure it out. I have plenty on my want-to-write list, but if ya’ll have any votes, throw them at me and I will see what happens. :D

Related, I have finished up Fairy Wings; it is edited, formatted, given a lovely cover by my lovely wife, and available in many places. Here’s the deets:

Fairy Wings Fairy Wings

No doubt there are worse fates than being blood-cursed, but if so, Vadka doesn’t know, because he’s got his hands full being forced to drink blood to survive—especially with isolation of the life it brings, and the unlikelihood of ever finding a cure.

The last thing he needs is trouble, but that’s exactly what he gets, by way of saving a broken-winged fairy that would have wound up butchered for spell components. So what’s a blood-cursed mage to do with an unwanted guest? Take him home of course—but that’s easier said than done for a man who drinks blood and a fairy who can’t use his magic.


You can get it:

And coming soon to iTunes (they are slooooow).