News and Such

Various odds and ends of news for this post:

(1) The Errant Prince (gay/trans fantasy novella ft. stubborn idiots who like to flirt a lot) is about a month away. It’s up for preorder most places that allow it (including Amazon, ARe, etc.) and is also up on NetGalley for reviewer-type people. ^^

(2) Losing Ground (bisexual M/M urban fantasy ft. all the angst and sweetness (mostly the sweetness, NGL)) is up at LT3 for preorder. It comes out in ebook on March 4.

As always, you can save 15% if you preorder direct through LT3. ^^

In other news, as a general head’s up, I’m taking a few steps back from social media for productivity and personal reasons. I do still have some more posts in the works (recs, for one), but I don’t know when they’ll get posted. I will also still be around and check feeds irregularly, but if you need me for anything immediate, you’ll have to email or text me. I imagine I’ll be back to “business as usual” soonish, but for now I’m playing it low-key.