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The Novelty Maker

The Novelty MakerAs often as he can possibly manage, Cole slips away from the parties and teas inflicted upon him by his mother to visit Harlowe, the brilliant, mercurial novelty maker he met several months ago when commissioning a piece for his mother. Overwhelmed with work, and preferring to avoid people, Harlowe is not an easy person to know, and Cole values too much their hard-won friendship to ever risk it by telling Harlowe of his true feelings. Then Harlowe begins to receive letters from a secret admirer…


The Duke’s Deception

The Duke's DeceptionAll Larkin wants is to be left in peace, live a life free of lies and deceit. But agreements have been made and he must see them through if he ever hopes to achieve his goals. But between nefarious dealings, dangerous encounters, and one stubbornly determined prince, the obstacles may ultimately prove insurmountable…



A Delicate Game

A Delicate Game coverEven masters of the game can meet their match…

Elio and Sestro are beautiful, seductive, and talented—in more ways than anyone knows. They are known for taking lovers back to their room to share for the night—but each lover only enjoys one night with the notorious brothers. Practically no one realizes the true nature of the lovers they choose. It is a game they created, and which they play masterfully.

Until they choose a lover who proves that the best way to win a game is to ignore all the rules…

Playing With Shadows

Playing with ShadowsCorin is nearly done with his term amongst the priests. In a matter of months, he’ll be able to return home and leave his miserable days in the temple behind him. He’s tired of lazy priests and tired of stories of demon shadows that move of their own volition.

Then Corin starts to see things, and the priests begin to act strange, and he begins to wonder… is he losing his mind, or are the shadows more than they seem?

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