Sasha L. Miller

Housekeeping Post


All righty, so it’s currently four in the a.m. (my hours are SO WEIRD right now, I can’t). But this is a housekeeping, linky, all the news sort of post so it doesn’t really require any sort of brainpower (I…
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The Errant Prince

The Errant Prince releases this month! (How is it February already? IDEK, but I feel there are some shenanigans at work here.) I wrote The Errant Prince in its entirety last February, because my writing process can typically be described…
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Geek Out: Recs and Babbles


I meant to write (and post) this post last week, but Life. In any case, it seems timely for this week, as LT3’s Geek Out collection is releasing, and oh man, do we have some awesome stories. You can check…
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News and Such

Various odds and ends of news for this post: (1) The Errant Prince (gay/trans fantasy novella ft. stubborn idiots who like to flirt a lot) is about a month away. It’s up for preorder most places that allow it (including…
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Why You Aren’t an LGBTQ Ally

LGBTQIA, sometimes LGBTQ, sometimes just LGBT. Mostly, just G. I swear, it’s not a week anymore if I’m not stumbling across some new review site or publishing company or website or blog that touts how much it supports the LGBTQ…
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